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    Inter Scaldes has been voted the best restaurant of The Netherlands according to restaurant guide ’Lekker’ 2017

    Saturday the 18th of November 2017
    Availability for a gastronomic package including a 6-course menu, overnight stay in a luxury hotelroom and breakfast, as from 595,00 € for 2 persons excluding wines and drinks.

    Reservations via our website or telephone +31 113 381753.


  • Jannis Brevet

    Restaurant - Jannis Brevet

    Jannis Brevet gained renown at famous restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad. On several occasions he caused the much sought after Michelin stars to be awarded to the kitchens he worked in. The menu is characterised by influences from Zeeland’s waters. Oosterschelde (seasonal) lobster, oysters, mussels and bass are balanced by all the good things the land has to offer such as suckling lamb, the renowned vegetables Sea fennel and Sea aster, and naturally cheeses and fruit from the reclaimed land in Beveland.


  • ABSOLUTE ZERO & Perfect Crystal

    Home - ABSOLUTE ZERO & Perfect Crystal

    Scented candle based on Patchouli, Pink Berries, black pepper and Green Amber
    €25.00 (delivery free of charge)


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    Manoir - History

    The Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes is named after its magnificent surroundings. Situated in the wide open reclaimed land of the Province of Zeeland, on the narrowest part of Zuid-Beveland between the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde [known as the Scheldt estuaries]. A wealth of traditional trees and plants embellish the beautifully laid out English-style gardens and create a shaded ambiance.


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