Jannis Brevet

Jannis Brevet earned his spurs in renowned restaurants at home and abroad. He has won several Michelin-starred awards for his kitchens. In 2001, Jannis and Claudia Brevet took over the renowned Inter Scaldes restaurant and in 2018 Jannis was rewarded with a third Michelin star***. Jannis and his wife Claudia are big fans of the moderns, the refined, minimalist art of the post 1950s, with a preference for (geometric) abstract. Gradually, their interest in minimalist art gained the upper hand. By now, they possess a large collection of Zero Art.

Already at a young age Jannis was drawing/painting figurative and portrait. The love for cooking was greater at that time and he continued his way to the cookery school. Due to his demanding work as a kitchen chef and later his own restaurant business, Jannis lacked time and for a long time there were no works from his hand. In 2015, he was given the space to take up his passion for painting again. He is an inspired minimalist artist. His motto "Nothing is as difficult as simple cooking" and "the art of leaving things out", also got priority in his artworks. With fairly simple materials, such as cardboard, nails, rope, eggshells and corten steel, he makes unusual creations and visual art in addition to oil paintings. His work is exhibited in the Hotel-Manoir Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen.

What fascinates Jannis is the synesthesia between art and cooking; the connection between perceptions and representations from different senses. Colours, lines, shapes and structures inspire cooking. "I don't cook the images, it inspires me more in a certain direction. "It influences my choice of ingredients or the way I decorate the plate and the tableware I use". Jannis is admirably averse to trends. However, you cannot just call him traditional because he remains true to his own light-hearted, refined, yet original way of cooking. He cooks directly, purely and transparently.

A balanced composition is the result of technique, creativity and product knowledge'.

This principle is also reflected in his works of art.